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Carolien & Michiel
We Like Art

A life without art? We cannot imagine it. A work of art in your home enriches your life. Maybe it is comparable to the pleasure of reading a novel or listening to exciting music, to be able every day to look at a work of art you fell for. We interviewed ourselves to tell you a bit more about We Like Art.

We came up with the idea for We Like Art at Art Rotterdam in 2009. We walked around at the fair together and were amazed at the affordability of much fantastic work on the one hand and the lack of clarity about prices on the other. The idea to create a blog about affordable art by leading artists was born in Rotterdam at the time.

At our We Like Art blog we have been identifying work by interesting artists since 2010, we discuss it, provide context for the artist and their work, and offer artworks in our webshop. We aim to be an ideal place where you can easily browse between upcoming and leading artists. Our artist-interviews in particular, are widely read.
And in close collaboration with the artists, we make special editions that are only for sale at We Like Art.

What is a limited edition?

We Like Art works closely with leading contemporary artists to create a limited edition work of a new or existing work of art. A print is produced in a limited number under the direct supervision of the artist.

The editions are hand signed and numbered by the artist. A small number of Artist Proofs (APs) are also produced. These are generally identical to the prints in the main edition. The number of prints is always strictly limited to the number in the edition and the APs. Good to know: no more prints are ever made.

Does We Like Art succeed to find a new audience for buying art, and make buying quality art online possible?

Art buyers are increasingly orientating themselves online. We are convinced that there is a large group of potential art buyers and enthusiasts and that this group benefits from our approach. On average 2 works are bought in our webshop every day. Both by experienced and novice art buyers.

Which parties does We Like Art work with?

After all these years, we have a huge network of good artists - which we cherish. We also work with many good galleries, museums, publishers, the KunstMeisjes, Rabobank Art Collection, Art Rotterdam, Westergasfabriek, Mondriaan Fund, ABN AMRO and Bijenkorf. And now with the Akzo Nobel Art Foundation. An extra fun fact: Carolien worked at the AkzoNobel Art Foundation for 7 years prior to the We Like Art project. So this is a very special collaboration!

What are you aiming at with We Like Art?

Our aim is to shake up the closed art world. We found High Art and Low Thresholds to be a fitting motto. Our tone of voice is enthusiastic, because there is no other way, we write about works of art that we personally have a strong feeling about.

We try not to fall into 'art-speak'. We want it to be fun to read about art. Even if you don't necessarily know a lot about art, and you are considering buying for the first time. Whether you would like to delve into contemporary art.

We think that many more people would like to know, read and see that it is quite affordable to buy work from artists that can be seen in museums and artists that are reviewed on the art section of the newspapers.

How many online visitors visit We Like Art?

More than 12,000 visitors a month come to We Like Art. Many visitors often return and lots of them become first time art buyers. 😉

Do you only operate online?

We made lots of We Like Art Shows in real life! For instance in the Amsterdam Westergasfabriek, we participate each year with Art Rotterdam, the largest Dutch art fair for contemporary art. In our office in Amsterdam we present a lot of artist editions. This gives us the chance to meet our clients and show them the artworks. The special editions for the Akzo Nobel Art Foundation will be shown in a special presentation next to the Akzo Nobel Artspace. So you can see with your own eyes what wonderful gems we gathered.

Photographs: Maarten Tromp, Natascha Libbert, We Document Art, Koen Kievits, Johan Nieuwenhuize.

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